Specialist walling courses

We are developing a programme of short, one day courses, with the aim of covering some of the more specialist techniques and skills, not covered in the basic weekend courses. The decision to develop these courses was taken in an effort to build the skills of Guild members. The courses can cover, for example the construction of arches, wall ends, stiles, steps, corners, pillars, as well as tackling such issues as walling on slopes.
The courses are only open to members of the Guild, who have done a basic weekend course, or who have 2 years plus experience of walling.  Each course will be led by a Guild Master Waller. The courses will be of interest to those who don't always have access to walls to practice, or established wallers looking to widen their range of skills.
The courses run over one day but may, where there is demand, be two consecutive days, each covering one of the types of topics mentioned above.  The cost is £30 per day, which is subsidised by the Guild, to allow for small groups of a maximum of four persons per day course. The programme is flexible, and is based on demand and availability of course leaders.  There are plans to run at least two or three day courses this season.  We will always try to ensure that dates suit participants, by agreeing them in advance.
If you would like more information, or to book a place, please contact Graham Brown, course coordinator