Specialist walling courses

Our specialist walling courses are one day courses subsidised by the Guild, with aim of advancing the skills of people who may have not encountered some of the techniques involved. The content of each of the courses will be guided by participant’s interests and needs, but will be able to cover arch building, wall ends, stiles of various descriptions, maintaining good wall coursing, lunkeys and other niche techniques.
Although the courses are one day each, they are run over a weekend with each day covering different features, and attendees are welcome to attend both days should they wish. All the courses will take place at Fountains Abbey near Ripon, using National Trust facilities. They are run with a ratio of four participants to one Master Waller.
These courses are only open to those who meet the following criteria:
  • Current Guild members with at least one full year's membership, or
  • Current Guild members who hold a Basic walling qualification.

The cost of these courses is £30 per person, per day. For all training courses and specialist walling courses booked after 6th May 2020, where the customer cancels their place and a partial or full refund is due, a £2.50 administration fee may be applied. You can book your place via the links below or if you would like more information, please contact Graham Brown, course coordinator

Sorry, we don't have any courses with available places at the moment. Please check again later