Walling courses

The Guild runs 2 day non-residential courses, taught by the Guild's approved instructors.

The main purpose of the course is to equip you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to build a modest wall as a first project. We hope you will enjoy both the course and membership of the Guild that comes with it, and later on appreciate the quiet satisfaction that comes from building and repairing structures that will remain as enduring monuments to your abilities. For a taster of what to expect on our courses, please watch our video above

Following a brief introduction and necessary safety related instructions, the rest of the course is ‘hands-on’ instruction - lifting and manual labour is involved, but you will not be expected to exceed your abilities.

You will work in two groups of four with an Instructor to each group, building foundations and then going on to build a section of dry stone wall. If you have a handicap or medical condition, which might be of concern to you, please make it known beforehand, in private if you prefer, to your instructor.

Above all, we hope you will enjoy learning an old craft skill, and feel confident enough afterwards to go out and apply this knowledge to walls elsewhere. There is no shortage of material to practice on!

Upcoming walling courses with available places