Course testimonials

Training course group photo 2019These testimonials are taken from the feedback forms we provide to our course attendees at the end of their course.

Q - Was there anything that didn’t work and how can we improve it?

Yes. My body gave up on the first evening. I’ll leave any suggestion on how to improve it to my wife.
KP (Interior designer) from Oldham

Q - Are there any other comments or observations you would like to make? 

"Odd being an 'exhibit' at an Auction"
GR (general practitioner) Knaresborough

"Very good tutors, relaxed and informal, helpful and knowledgeable"
Mrs GB (project manager) Boroughbridge

"Best two days work I’ve done and at the same time I enjoyed it and got great satisfaction at the end"
LP (legal manager)  Scarborough

"Very knowledgeable instructors who were a pleasure to work with and imparted their knowledge in a fun but educational way. Other members of the course were good to work with and good to be part of a team"
PO (company director) Halifax

"The instructors were excellent and tried very hard to include everyone at all times. As a female I was treated well and felt included and valued for my input" 
Mrs JA (civil servant) Harrogate

"Good instructors, good team-work, when can I come back!"
HM (steel erector/welder) Leeds

"Low-key, high satisfaction. Thanks"
TU (retired electrical power engineer)  Leeds

"A very enjoyable weekend. The tutors were thoughtful and able to correct and advise in a thoroughly professional way. Great company, well organised"
JR (project manager, Canadian coastguard) Ottawa, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know how my weekend dry stone walling course at Fountains Abbey went.It was amazing! Dave and Dennis, the instructors, were brilliant, not only sharing their knowledge and experiences, but lovely, genuine Yorkshire lads! I learnt so much and I can't wait get back into the Dales (not many dry stone walls in Doncaster!) and share some of my knew found knowledge with my family. The whole experience was fabulous and I have not stopped telling anyone who will listen, since I got home on Sunday."
Linda B, Doncaster